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How Bed Time Drinks Can Help You Improve Your Health

Remember the time when parents used to force-feed us with a glass of milk. That too, prior to bedtime? I always had a hard time drinking that. That was just to make us sleep like a baby in its true sense. Bedtime drinks are meant to induce a good night’s sleep. It keeps us energized throughout the night. I specifically recommend the insomniac people to resort to these natural remedies. Let’s look at the options we can choose from;

• For a stress-free night, add some saffron strands to a mug of almond milk. The hot beverage will relieve the body and soul.
• Chamomile tea is a herbal hot drink. It is known worldwide to be a natural relaxer. Sip on the hot tea as it will surely put your mind at ease.
• Try adding a few drops of cherry juice and a pinch of turmeric to your favorite tea and see the magic.
• If you had spicy or heavy meals in the daytime, try ginger tea with infused lemon. The soothing drink will aid in digestion.
• If you are not a tea person or it is too hot to have a hot beverage, try grape juice. The cooling juice will induce a good night’s sleep. It also helps in fat burning.
• If you are an evening workout person, end your day with a warm cup of lavender milk. The added honey and vanilla give it a yummy touch.
• Another option for a post-workout snack is the famous banana smoothie. Make it how you like it. Get creative with fusing it with peanut butter or avocado.
• Hot cocoa once a while won’t hurt.

Mother and daughter with cups
Mother and daughter with cups lying in bed

Try to stay at a distance from caffeinated and sugary drinks at night. Have a good night’s sleep and get up fresh for the next morning.
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