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How To Boost Immunity?

Immunity is a natural ability of the body to fight any attacking germs. What to do to make this defense system strong? Eat right and live smart! Yes, you heard it right! A thoughtful visit to the grocery store can help in boosting up your immunity.

Vitamins are your best friends for your protection. These help in activating the white blood cells’ antimicrobial power. Specifically, vitamin C and D. You can get these vitamins from red bell peppers, citrus fruits, greens such as broccoli, kale, and spinach. Ginger is an excellent guard against seasonal viruses. As weird as it sounds, eating raw garlic with sprinkled cinnamon is a century-old custom to strengthen the body’s defense.

Yogurt. It is a natural probiotic for the gut tract.

Turmeric shot. You can never go wrong with turmeric. The yellow spice has hundreds of benefits, to fight the invading germ being the most important one. Making a DIY shot with turmeric can prove to be better than getting vaccines.

Making a mix and match of here mentioned boosters is probably the best way to never fall sick. Blend juice of your most liked citrus fruit, raw honey, a pinch of turmeric, grated ginger and powdered cinnamon. Voila! You are always stronger against seasonal cold and flu!

Apart from eating right, have good sleep, stay hydrated, exercise often, and minimum smoking and alcohol!

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