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How To Control Blood Sugar?

Have you ever wondered why some people are said to suffer sugar? This is because of a disturbance in an important hormone named insulin. Either it is not produced in enough quantity as needed, or it is faulty. In both cases, the patient suffers from diabetes. Now, as a health enthusiast, I recommend keeping a check on your A1c results. If the numbers seem to get out of range, work hard to keep it back on track. This way we can together avoid diabetes and the hard times it gives. When I just said work hard, I mean start adopting healthy choices. Do regular exercise, avoid stress, take good sleep and eat precautionary foods. You heard it right, these precautionary foods work like charm to control blood sugar levels. Soaked chia seeds and ground flax seeds. Take both with your oatmeal, shakes, smoothies or parfaits. Another sugar maintaining food is bitter guard juice. Yes, it does sound bitter, but trust me, the results are worth its bitterness.

A basic thumb rule is to avoid whites. These are bread, fine white flour, bakery items, pasta, sugar, and rice. You may opt for brown rice and brown pasta though.

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Next, Monitor your carb intake. Increase in fiber usage. The best way to do both is to consume fruits, vegetables, and legumes. These two habits can drastically benefit your sugar levels by keeping it within a healthy range.

Last but not least, keep a check on weight and cholesterol levels. Follow the said habits and you will wonder how were you living before. Thank me later!

Watch this space for more information on healthy habits.

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