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The internet has been on the hype these days about diet plans-Low Carb Diet . The main component of any routine diet is carbohydrates. Point to ponder is; are carbohydrates good or bad? The answer is simple. Carbs are good and bad both. This is where know-how about food and nutrition comes to work.

While talking about their health effects, carbs are two types. Whole and refined, to which I will be referring as good and bad ones respectively. Let’s look at the components which make the difference.

These differences lead to the fact that good carbs protect our body from heart diseases and obesity. On the other hand, bad ones increase the chance of a cardiac system being effected and promote weight gain.

By now, you must have pretty much understood why is it important to look into what are you eating. Let me tell about some low carb diet food options from both groups.

Good carbs that you should prefer for a healthy lifestyle include oats, multi or whole grain bread, brown pasta and brown rice, beans and lentils, a portion of nuts, fruits, and vegetables. Bad carbs that you should practically run away from are white bread, white pasta and white rice, fast food, candies, and other junk food.  Alas, you have to give up on your favorite burger combo but don’t you worry. Keep watching the facebook page, Instagram Sagarmantry and Youtube channel for delicious and healthy recipes.

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