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Reset Your Body with a One Day Detox Diet

We all have felt guilty about the holiday distractions from the otherwise healthy eating routine. I have been there, done that too! But, it’s never too late.  Just gear up the energy and head towards your destination goal of a fit body. Such days call for a reset button which is none other than detox diet. No, I don’t literally mean it. But, I mean if we have indulged in that unhealthy junks, sugars, toxins, and whatnot. It is good to flush those out before feeding in the good things.

How to do that? Simply, plan a day, preferably a less busy day or a holiday. You have to start the day with a day-starter drink that will activate your metabolism. Choose ginger and lemon hot water. Adding ACV or honey is optional. The drink will kick start your body processes.

Morning breakfast should be a rich green detox smoothie. Make a fusion of your favorite greens. Blend cucumber, few spinach leaves, parsley, a dash of lemon zest, and a cup of water. For that taste, add half an apple and few strawberry chunks. A breakfast smoothie is ready!

Proceeding towards lunch option, make a fruity smoothie. Add banana, mango cubes, avocado, and some greens. If you are in a mood to splurge on your body, treat it by adding a cup of coconut water. Just blend all these nice and the lunch is ready. The body is going to love to be replenished with all the nutrients it was missing.

You may mix and match or alter some ingredients of these smoothies. For the night, I shall recommend a nut-based milk drink. Prepare your most liked nut milk, a small piece of ginger, a teaspoon of peanut butter, some chia seeds, a pinch of turmeric and blend. Call it a day by sipping on this rich drink. Promise yourself a clean eating schedule for the days to come.

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