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What Is side Effects Of ACV?

Like I explained earlier, Apple Cider vinegar is a known health tonic. Ranging from supporting weight loss and fat burning to protecting bones from getting brittle, it has a number of benefits. However, things may happen when the dosage is not taken care of. Consuming in less diluted form, it may cause some side effects and may even prove to be dangerous. What are the possible side effects and how much dosage can be a cause of these consequences? Let’s have a look at these aspects.

ACV is known to control sugar levels. The control is related to a reduction in the rate at which food exits from the stomach. This delayed stay of food can cause nausea, heartburn and even vomiting. It also becomes a bit tough for diabetic patients to predict the meal schedule. This is because Apple cider vinegar interferes in the insulin mechanism. The cherry on the top, it is unpleasant to drink it, even in diluted form. The pungent smell and bad flavor may cause fullness and nausea. This leads to a lesser intake of food than needed.

A large dose of approximately half a cup a day or taking it without break for years can disrupt bone mass. Also, the highly acidic environment is not favorable for the maintenance of bones.

Like other acidic beverages, ACV may cause tooth decay. Take good dental care and rinse immediately once you consume it.

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Depending upon the type of skin infection, it may not be wise to use ACV on each and every wound. Try any home remedy on the skin after consultation.

Consider my secret tips and tricks to avoid these side effects. Start with a very small dose of ACV. At maximum, go to 2 tablespoons a day, not more than that. Always take it diluted. If drinking with water, use a straw. Else, use it as a salad dressing. While taking medicines for any other disease, let your doctor know about your habit of ACV consumption. I am saying this because ACV may interrupt some drugs to function at their best.

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