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The Best Vegan Protein Sources – Sagar Mantry

For their own reasons, many people are opting for the vegan lifestyle. It is a preference to abstain from using animal-based products. It may boost the general health condition only if done right. That means, there are some reservations about it in terms of nutritional power. The awareness about the correct combinations can make it the healthiest lifestyle.

Vegan people exclude poultry and dairy products completely from their diet. Hence, it is important to include other plant-based protein sources as a replacement. The good news is there are numerous options to choose from. You can consider these vegan protein sources including:

Soy-milk in your routine. It is easier to digest as compared to other options.

and quinoa are power-packed with the protein your body needs.

You can always opt to supplement your diet with organic protein powder. Shakes made of these will ensure you never go protein deficient and there are more vegan protein sources which I mention about on my youtube videos.

I will like to give some additional tips to ensure your body acquires the required protein. Learn how to use beans in digestible recipes. Use a relevant app to keep a check on the protein intake. Plan your meals ahead of time. The planning endorses the fact that the meals are balanced and in the right combo. For instance, for a sandwich, do use tofu. For a salad, make chickpeas and nuts dressing a part of it. For pasta, make a lentil-based sauce. For oats and smoothies, arrange fortified plant milk. For snack or dessert, use peanut butter for flavor. For soup, again use tofu and spiced lentils. Subscribe to the facebook page, Instagram Sagarmantry, and the youtube channel to stay vigilant about healthy facts.

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